Residential Landscape Lighting in New Jersey

Searching for Residential Landscape Lighting Services? At Picture Perfect Landscapes, we offer a full range of Residential Landscape Lighting Services in Northern New Jersey. Professionally installed outdoor lighting is the scourge of a would be prowler on your property.

Residential Landscape Lighting Services

Our experienced lighting designers can eliminate dark areas and create a safe nighttime environment all while adding beautiful ambient lighting. Homes that have better outside light are less likely to be burglarized.

If you are looking for outdoor lighting in Northern New Jersey, look no further than Picture Perfect Landscaping, your complete source for outdoor lighting services. We have been serving Fairfield & the surrounding areas with the highest service in the low voltage lighting industry. At Picture Perfect Landscaping, we are the leading outdoor lighting company in New Jersey.

We are fully licensed and insured residential landscapers. All outdoor lighting services are completely guaranteed, and estimates are always free.

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