Residential Lawn Care and Maintenance

At Picture Perfect Landscapes, we offer landscape maintenance services on a monthly, seasonal, or as needed basis to help you keep your landscape looking beautiful.

Residential Landscape Design

We work closely with the homeowner to create an integrated landscape design, taking into account the home site, architecture, and homeowner’s particular requests for plant choices, design elements, and ease of maintenance. Our design will include a preparation of construction and installation costs should you desire our landscape installation services for a portion or all of your landscape design. We have two landscape designers on staff; both are native to New Jersey and are intimately familiar with the plants that thrive in our area.

Residential Landscape Installation

Picture Perfect Landscape offers full-service landscape installation using a plan we have designed or one provided by the homeowner. We will install all sod, and landscape trees and plants in a time frame to suit the client and their budget. We also offer services to address erosion control, grading and drainage, and bank stabilization. Throughout the process, client involvement is encouraged to ensure that the final product reflects your signature style.

Residential Hardscape Construction

Picture Perfect Landscape is capable of installing all hardscaping elements including but not limited to: driveways, walkways, patios, retaining walls, arbors, gazebos, pergolas, and water gardens.

Residential Landscape Maintenance

At Picture Perfect Landscape we want to see your landscape thrive for many years to come. We offer landscape maintenance services on a monthly, seasonal, or as needed basis to help you keep your landscape looking beautiful. Our services include tree and shrub pruning, landscape mulching, seasonal color and container plantings, weed control, lawn and landscape fertilization, and spraying for landscape pests and diseases.

Natural stone landscaping in home garden with stairs and retaining walls

Residential Landscape Design

Searching for Residential Landscape Design? We offer a full range of Residential Landscape Design services in Northern New Jersey.

Outdoor Living

Searching for Residential Outdoor Living? We offer a full range of residential outdoor living services in Northern New Jersey.

At Picture Perfect, we feel that whether you are adding a room addition to your home, constructing a deck or gazebo, or creating a beautiful outdoor kitchen, pool house, firepit that a well thought out plan is important. Coupled with our own expertise and creativity, we utilize the latest technology to create designs and layouts from your initial consultation.

A plan ensures that our homeowners know what a contractor is doing for them and enables the contractor to perform exactly what the homeowner wants. A plan also enables our homeowners to envision what their project will look like before the work has started.

Residential Fence Installation

Searching for Residential Fence Installation? We offer a full range of Residential Fence Installation services in Northern New Jersey.

At Picture Perfect landscapes, we can design and install all types of fencing, from wood to vinyl and chain-link. We  do quality installation and maintenance for all types of fences from large commercial project to small backyards,  we do them all. Our expert installers take pride in making sure our customers are satisfied with their fence.

Residential Power Washing

Searching for Residential Power Washing Services? At Picture Perfect Landscapes, we offer a full range of Residential Power Washing services in Northern New Jersey.

  • We can provide the best-in-class residential power washing services to thoroughly treat all the surfaces of your home or grounds, making everything clean and looking “brand new.”
  • Don’t waste money on costly repairs. Call us for a residential power washing consultation on the easiest and most cost efficient way to turn that grime into shine. Whether you need us to power wash and seal your deck or just power wash your dirty siding, patio, driveway, sidewalk or fence; we can take care of it.

Residential Cleanouts

Searching for Residential Cleanout Services? At Picture Perfect Landscapes, we offer a full range of Residential Cleanouts  and rubbish removal services in Northern New Jersey.

  • Picture Perfect Landscape’s cleanout and cleanup services are hard to find in the Northern New Jersey area. Our team of professional landscapers are highly capable yard cleanup and cleanout experts that can tackle any size yard cleaning project you may have.
  • When it comes time for your lawn to undergo a large cleanup or hauling project, call on our New Jersey landscapers cleanup and hauling team to remove excess debris from your lawn and properly dispose of the debris with our yard cleanup & cleanout hauling services.

Residential Landscape Lighting

Searching for Residential Landscape Lighting Services? At Picture Perfect Landscapes, we offer a full range of Residential Landscape Lighting Services in Northern New Jersey. Professionally installed outdoor lighting is the scourge of a would be prowler on your property.

  • Our experienced lighting designers can eliminate dark areas and create a safe nighttime environment all while adding beautiful ambient lighting. Homes that have better outside light are less likely to be burglarized.
  • If you are looking for outdoor lighting in Northern New Jersey, look no further than Picture Perfect Landscaping, your complete source for outdoor lighting services. We have been serving Fairfield & the surrounding areas with the highest service in the low voltage lighting industry. At Picture Perfect Landscaping, we are the leading outdoor lighting company in New Jersey.

Residential Snow Removal

Searching for Residential Snow Removal Services? Picture Perfect Landscapes offers a full range of Residential Snow & Ice Removal Services in Northern New Jersey.

  • Snow removal is a necessary evil when it comes to owning a home, and the bigger your spread, the more snow you’ll have to tackle. What most homeowners fail to realize is that there’s strategy involved in sound snow removal. When the snow starts to fall in New Jersey this year, you can count on us for prompt, efficient snow removal and de-icing services. As a full-service company, we can help with all of your winter weather needs, including snow plowing, salting and de-icing.
  • Picture Perfect Landscapes excels in residential snow plowing in New Jersey. Our residential snow removal services include Snow Blowing, Walkways, Sand/Salt and more.